In the studio with Robin Gager & Dennis Hirdt

Welcome to my blog.  Since this is the inaugural entry, I should probably tell you a little about myself and what I do.  My name is Adam Harley and I’m a media content producer in New York.  Most of my days and nights are dedicated to creating great music and creating great videos.  I have the pleasure of working with inspiring, hard working professionals.  I never have a regular day-to-day routine which always keeps things nice and interesting.

So…yesterday, like most days, was a busy day.  I had the pleasure of working with the beautiful and talented Robin Gager on demoing her new awesome song “Love You Less” Robin was just the focus of an episode of NY Non Stop Foodies on NBC.  Check out her cookbook

The Robin Gager Cookbook

After returning from a London photo shoot, for Vogue Paris (with Kate Moss), Dennis Hirdt dropped by the studio to put some finishing touches on “MI6” before the new Don Gator album “King of Spyrock” is released this spring.

The King of Spy Rock Has Arrived

My new pair of BeyerDynamic DT 770 Headphones arrived in the early evening.  Did you know that headphones need to be broken in?  They never sound right straight from the factory.  I recommend at least a good 24 hours of burn in before critical listening.

Burn in your headphones!!!!

I dropped by the home of Westchester Rocks and good friend/pro-drummer Brian Carter for a late night jam session.  In from Brazil is the talented Thiago Pinheiro who that night wanted to test out his new Mojave microphones.  With Brian on drums, Thiago on Moog and Scott Fragala on upright – we had a killer session.  (I helped out with a 2-3 clave on a bossa version of Giant Steps.)

Thiago Pinheiro on Moog at Brian Carter's

About Adam Harley

Veteran media content producer Adam Harley is always thrilled to be making compelling videos and great music for and with his amazing clients.
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