API 3124 & Future Hype Media’s latest project

Me blogging for the first time

So that above was me blogging for the first time this morning after setting up my wordpress account.  Notice the new 770s in the background (they are still getting burned in).  I know what you’re thinking how’d I take this photo of myself?  I didn’t, my partner in crime, Alan Kirschen took the photo during one of our regular morning production meetings for Future Hype Media.  Recently, Alan won best director at the Malibu film fest for his film Mona.  It’s well worthwhile checking out and has recently been airing on PBS.

Future Hype Media on location at The Scott Towers

Todays FHM shoot took place in the Bronx for a documentary style piece on a particularly interesting housing complex.  We’re really excited to bring the footage back to the studio tomorrow and see what we got 🙂

These preamps can slay dragons

I’m sad to see them go, even temporarily, but I’ll be lending Mark Buono my gorgeous API 3124 preamps for the weekend.  He will be tracking a record for Drunken Pumpkin.  Good performance + well placed microphone in a proper acoustic space + professional grade microphone preamps and A/D converters = good sounding recording.  Many artists don’t know how important the preamps and A/D converters are.  Just one of the many differences between consumer and pro.  Here’s a tip when using the API 3124’s.  They sound great when they’re very hot.  Hitting the red is ok – especially with drums.  I like to use external -10db pads in between the output of the APIs and input of my A/D (Rosetta 800, Digidesign 96, Digidesign 96i) so that I’m able to get a hotter signal out of the preamps without clipping into the digital realm.

About Adam Harley

Veteran media content producer Adam Harley is always thrilled to be making compelling videos and great music for and with his amazing clients.
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