Artist Spotlight: Fortune Creek

Fortune Creek

Fortune Creek is a group of rock-infused ruffians with roots spanning the country, from New York to Washington state. The NYC-based foursome is celebrating the release of their debut EP, Autumn’s Calling.

Seattle-born Thomas fronts the band and is also its songwriter. He calls his band mates “the smoothest mofos around.” He and New York-born axeman Adam earned music degrees from SUNY Purchase. Thomas met drummer and the EP’s lead producer-engineer Mark at his local Guitar Center, and bassist Pete Romano was a mutual friend and colleague of one of Thomas’ most trusted producer-engineers. In short, these dudes have great ears. So they know what sounds good and what sounds sick.

With its hooky melodies, huge vocals and get-up-and-dance grooves, Autumn’s Calling goes down like a 100-proof shot of Foo Fighters with a Rascal Flatts chaser. From the bouncy Motown shuffle of the opening title track to the slithering electric guitars on Loser Juice (which Thomas says was inspired by a barstool philosopher’s offhand remark) to the emotional intensity found in the hard-edged vocals and drum-driven force of For Your Sake, the EP offers just a sampling of what these boys can do. Fan-favorite Rather Look at You tells the story of the unlabeled, in-between phase that bridges friendship and dating. On the heels of that joy-pop ditty, the dirty guitars and defiant lyrics of Do As I Say get so deep in your bones that there’s simply no way to resist dancing it out.

Believe it or not they don’t have any show coming up so I urge you to encourage them to book some dates:

Fortune Creek "Autumn's Calling"

Don’t forget to check out their new record “Autumn’s Calling”

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