Don Gator – King of Spyrock

This month we have been working feverishly on finishing up the latest Don Gator release.  Everyone in the DG camp is looking forward to finalizing the mixes and sending them to the mastering house.  The production value is huge including a Macedonian orchestra accompanying the band on “Heaven” and a high octane, jet-ski chase filled, “Benedict Mauvais” music video (featuring the beautiful Cairme Lobo, directed by the talented George Salisbury).  Further details are on a need to know basis.

***This message will self destruct***

About Adam Harley

Veteran media content producer Adam Harley is always thrilled to be making compelling videos and great music for and with his amazing clients.
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1 Response to Don Gator – King of Spyrock

  1. Carla Fisher says:

    So excited for this album to be pressed! Keep us posted on the CD release party:)

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