About Adam Harley

Adam Harley, Media Content Producer / Sound Engineer NY

As a media content producer I have many affiliations with different companies.  Most days my attention is usually divided between Production Deluxe and Gnome Music Studio, both located in Westchester, NY.  PD is a video production company using cutting edge DSLR technology.  PD primarily produces broadcast commercials and web videos as well as most other video projects that you can think of.  Be sure to check out the website.  Gnome Music Studio is a great place for an artist to feel at home recording their record. GMS boasts a clean, comfortable space with a full Protools HD 3 Accel system running PT 9 HD on a killer mac with a fantastic microphone and instrument collection with great outboard gear from Manley, API, Apogee, Universal Audio, Emperical Labs, ETC.

Gnome Music Studio Music Production Studio Westchester NY

At Gnome Music Studio I get to work with great artists. Some days I am producing records for singer songwriters, sound engineering for bands or tracking vocals for a hip-hop/r&b 2-track. Other days I am composing for film or commercials, tracking ADR, performing foley, or creating a 5.1 mix. http://www.gnomemusicstudio.com

Production Deluxe - Deluxe Video - Deluxe Music

I love working on Production Deluxe projects. Right now we are probably either meeting with clients to collaborate on a vision, in the field shooting, completing an edit or in the studio tweaking the score or 5.1 mix. Most days are usually spent working on a broadcast commercial for cable, a web video for a local business, a music video for an up and coming artist or a training video for a corporate client.  For more information on Adam Harley please visit the link below.


Please follow me on twitter: @adam_harley

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