Drum Production

Westchester Drum Studio

Westchester Drum Studio

We spent some of last week tracking drums for Jason Glassman’s upcoming EP.  Jason produced the EP at his home and found us to finish the recordings with live drums.  With professional drummer, Dan Winterstein, we got some really big sounds out of our custom DW kit.

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Youth Artist Development Westchester NY

Youth Artist Development WestchesterAt Production Deluxe we have a passion for dsicovering and developing teenage artists.  Whether the artist is looking to create a recording to enrich their college application, or  to begin a professional music career it is important to get started the recording process started the right way.  In addition to creating great sounding and enjoyable recordings we have helped students pass auditions and gain entry into special programs.  Many of our young artists have performed in conventions, festivals, clubs, and on mainstream radio.  We strongly believe in the preproduction process, helping the artist better craft their songs, and perfect their performances way before we bring them in to hit record.  We are very excited for the EP we are finishing up this month for one of our teenage artists Catherine S.  It is truly inspiring.

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Best Cinematography – Sparrow Film Project 2014

Award Ceremony - Best CinematographyI was honored this past week when I was awarded “Best Cinematography” for our film “The Fudgitive”.  A big ‘thanks’ to my teammates for making it all possible!

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New Music Seminar – NYC 2014

New Music SeminarNew Music Seminar is the place to network, engage, and get deeper into the music industry.  It was a great event this year.  I really enjoyed some of the discussions and got to meet some amazing people.

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Museum of Moving Image – Thursday, June 05

Sparrow Film ProjectOn Thursday, June 05, the 11th Sparrow Film Project Gala will be held at The Museum of Moving Image in Astoria.  The film I worked on, “The Fudgitive”” was nominated in two categories including cinematography.  It’s going to be a great event.  Hope to see you there!  Event information below.

The Sparrow Film Project will celebrate its 11th edition in style on June 5th at the Museum of the Moving Image’s Sumner M. Redstone Theater. Doors will open at 7:00pm, and the evening will kick off with a sparkling wine reception, followed by a screening of the nominated shorts. During intermission, there will be an open bar with catered food accompanied by live music. Back in the theater, the awards ceremony will commence. There will also be live musical performances.

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Legacy Videos – Documenting Family History

Legacy Videos - Documenting Family HistoryAfter completing a couple of family legacy videos, I decided to create one of my own.  It documents my family’s experience of World War II in Poland, my father growing up in post WWII Poland, and his emigration to Italy and later the United States.  Luckily, we have good photos and documents that help tell the story.  History Channel, Here We Come!

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Raceto Recording a Hip Hop Mixtape

Raceto (pronounced ray-see-toe), a local Bronx, NY artist began recording his mixtape with us a couple of weeks ago. Lot’s of great rap tracks are on the way.


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Don Gator & The Kings of Spyrock return to Production Deluxe Studio

Don Gator

Don Gator

This weekend we were back in the studio recording a new EP with Don Gator & The Kings of Spyrock.  New songs “Model Spy”, “Agent Z”, and “When I’m Undercover” are all examples of Spyrock at it’s best. #overandout

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Financial Resources Federal Credit Union

Financial Reserve Federal Credit Union
We just wrapped on a :60 radio commercial for Financial Resources Federal Credit Union.  Fun creative, a talented VoiceOver artist, and a great writer/producer made this project a pleasure to work on.  Thanks team!

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Ragtime at The Westchester Broadway Theatre

Ragtime at The Westchester Broadway TheatreWe just finished up shooting a commercial for the upcoming production of Ragtime at The Westchester Broadway Theatre.  This Standing Ovation Studio production is sure to be a success.  Make sure to catch a performance between February 27th-May 4th.  The commercial will start airing early 2014.

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