Green Screen + Motion Graphics = A Powerful Production

Green Screen + Motion Graphics = A Powerful Production.  Check it out…

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Awareness and Capital Campaign Fundraising Videos for Non Profit Organizations (NPO)

Production Deluxe has a strong belief that video can be one of the best ways a NPO (Non Profit Organization) can deliver their message and create awareness with a broad audience.  Over the years we have worked with many local, national, and international NPOs, and truth be told, it’s our favorite kind of work.

Recently we worked with a local, Tarrytown based, non-profit group to create a video for their annual fundraising gala and the result was spectacular.  Please take a look at some of our videos for non profit groups.

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Voice Over Studio in Westchester, NY – The Art of VO Production

At Production Deluxe we have mastered the art of the Voice Over (aka VO).  Firstly, our facility has a stellar vocal booth.  The VO booth is acoustically treated to remove almost all “room” sound giving a very direct and dry sound.  Our vocal chain consists of top shelf microphones, Grade A preamps and outboard dynamic  processors, all going into great A/D converters coupled with a brilliant masterclock.  That’s a tech-geeky way of saying that when you have a great room and great equipment with a knowledgeable engineer, you will get great results.

Production Deluxe is remote session ready.  Meaning that if you have talent in NY, NJ, or CT, and you are producing a spot from the other-side of the country, or the world, we can send a feed from the board directly to your cell phone via Skype or Facetime.  This allows you to listen in, take part in the session, and direct the talent.  Production Deluxe is Westchester, NY’s Voice Over Headquarters.

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Local Commercial Production with a National Feel

Local Commercial with a National FeelThis week we bring another national style commercial to a lucky local brand.  I’ll be excited to share the finished broadcast spot with you when it is complete!

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Performing Arts Video Production – Concerts, Bands, Dance Recitals & Performances, Plays, Musicals, & More!

Last night we had the opportunity to film local bands performing in Astoria, Queens.  For the past ten years we’ve been hard at work discovering the best way to capture and preserve live performances, because after all, you only have one chance to get it right. After dozens of venues, hundreds of shows, and thousands of performers, we’ve created a formula to make sure every play, concert, or recital looks great and looks amazing, so that when you share it with your fans, family, or friends, it will be your performance that shines. For your next event chose:

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Training Video Production

Training Video, VIdeo Production,  Fire, EMT, Police

Training Video

This week we have been shooting a suite of training videos at The Oldwick Fire Company in NJ.  We believe the success of a training video is largely dependent on creating an effective script bolstered with amazing logistical planning.  With the right script and the correct plan, training videos are bound to be successful.  Above all else, training videos need to be an effective tool to communicate information to be retained by the viewer.

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Vocal Production with LeVanTay

LevantayFrom our stellar sounding vocal booth to our beautiful microphone collection coupled with Universal Audio and API pre-amps Production Deluxe is THE place for vocal production.  Our hardworking and knowledgeable team of engineers and producers are sure to bring out the best in your performance.  We just had the pleasure of having the beautiful and talented LeVanTay come in to work on some of her upcoming releases.  Coming soon!

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